Caudalíe: The Best Shampoo for My Hair


A few weeks ago I went on an overnight trip to Giverny and stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, I had forgotten all of my hair products and needed to wash my hair that night. To my surprise the bed and breakfast supplied me with what I now know as my new secret weapon: Caudalíe’s Gentle Conditioning Shampoo. Given that I had zero hair product on my overnight trip, I was certainly surprised by how great my hair looked when only using this shampoo. While it may not be promoted as a combination shampoo and conditioner it may as well be as it lives up to its “gentle conditioning shampoo” name, acting as a product to wash my hair, detangle it, and leave my hair soft and shiny enough to wear naturally for a couple of days. My hair is curly so anyone else out there who knows the pain of taming their natural and frizzy curls can relate. To everyone else who doesn’t share my pain of working with curly hair, you’re in luck: this shampoo is made for all hair types. Convinced? Read up more on the product itself here.

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