Chantilly, France

Looking to get out of Paris for a day without going too far? Visit the small and quiet town of Chantilly, France.

Perfect for a day trip, Chantilly seems too small to spend an entire day there but its quite possible you could spend a few days to experience everything it has to offer.

For starters, Chantilly provides the best boulangerie I have experienced so far in France. Yes – thats right – this boulangerie beat all of the boulangeries I’ve had the opportunity to try even in Paris. Want to try? Make sure you visit Boulangerie du Chateâu: if you’re a fan of ciabatta bread, you won’t be disappointed.

Boulangerie du Château
Choices in Boulangerie du Château

Where to next? Chantilly’s not-so-hidden gem, Château de Chantilly. Making you feel like a princess or a prince, a duke or duchess, or whatever you want to be – this place quite literally cannot be overlooked in Chantilly. If you’re in France long term, this is a must see.

Château de Chantilly – Chantilly, France

I won’t waste your time by going through the entire history of this incredible place. However, I will provide a mini virtual tour of the château.

Entrance into the château


The Art Galleries: The second largest collection of antique paintings after the Louvre

The next room is my favourite room in the Château. It is known as “the large corner room” which was Prince Condé’s office in which he was known for having audiences in. The seats in the room belonged to King Louis-Philippe. The room dates from 1720.

The Large Corner Room

Chantilly has a lot to offer. If you’re interested in equestrian history, Chantilly is home to the Great Stables – nothing less than a palace for horses. There is the option to visit the Museum of the Horse, and even if you aren’t that interested in horses, visiting just to see the architecture is reason enough. P.S. (the great stables are the largest stables in all of Europe).

Side view of the Great Stables
The Great Stables
Great Stable Courtyard

Chantilly is an important part of French heritage. Whether you intend to or not, there is much to learn about French history during your time in Chantilly. But when you’re starting to get wiped out and either need a full dinner or just a drink, I suggest walking back towards the train station and relaxing at Brasserie la Place (wine = necessary).


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