Aux Trois Maillets

auxtrois3Swept away on a quiet street right off of rue Saint Denis in the 2nd arrondissement you will find Aux Trois Mailletsa small, but very busy and delicious restaurant and cafe. Affordable for students and the perfect place for Happy Hour, this restaurant is perfect for a three course meal or a drink after work. For 16 euro you can indulge in an appetizer, main dish, and a dessert.

auxtrois2I ordered the tomate mozza to start, steak for my main dish, and créme brûlée for dessert -complimented by a glass (or maybe two) of white wine (only an extra 3 euro if you eat during happy hour). The terrace has a lot of space for guests and its location swept off of the main street makes your dining experience feel much more relaxed while also in the middle of such a busy area. Filled with locals and mainly French-speaking servers, you will have a dining experience of a Parisian. Make sure that you budget your time to eat as eating in Paris can typically take up to three hours. Bon Appétit!

Aux Trois 1

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