Doing Laundry in Paris

LaundryDayTrying to do your laundry in Paris is one of those time consuming things that cannot be done as quickly as it can be in North America. The French have not caught onto the use of dryers (or maybe only those who can afford it have). I have been told that even when you do use a dryer in Paris, somehow the machine has a mind of its own and ruins your clothes even if they aren’t dry-clean only. Here’s a timeline of doing one load of laundry in Paris:

  • 5:30pm put your clothing in the washer
  • 9:30pm your load of laundry is *finally* finished washing
  • 9:45pm lay out your articles of clothing onto your clothing rack. No, you don’t have a yard to put the rack out on outside. You solely rely on the air circulation from open windows. If it’s humid that day…yikes! Good luck to you.
  • 8:00am (the next morning) check if your laundry is dry. It isn’t.
  • 3:15pm turn over your jeans to dry on the other side. Your shirts are potentially dry by this time, but probably aren’t.
  • 6:30pm you look to see if your pants are dry yet. They’re still somewhat damp. At this point you use your hair dryer to dry them so that you can leave your apartment in the pants that you want to wear.
  • Side note: Oh, it’s raining?! It’s humid outside?! Better wait another week to do your laundry. The status of your clothes drying inherently depends on the status of the weather.

After this it’s hard to care about the drying status of the rest of your clothes. Unless this was your first time doing laundry in Paris, you’re smart enough now to realize not to wash everything at the same time and to not wash your favourite pieces at the same time. Hopefully the rest of the clothing will be dry by the time of return home, but its hard to say for certain. If one thing is for sure, I will be bringing a lot of pieces along with me that need washing when I visit home!

One thought on “Doing Laundry in Paris

  1. Finally someone else understands the struggle of doing laundry outside of North America. I have the same situation in Korea, and it was the same in Israel too…I think it is only common in North America to have a dryer lol. I love your blog by the way, and I am excited to read about your adventure!


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